Thursday, 30 October 2014

Savvy Half Term - how we did it for (nearly) free

The cost of half term can add up so easily. From parents having to use annual leave to spend time at home with young children, to forking out even more than usual to make the most of this time together and entertain said children, the half term budget can grow beyond reasonable. So here are some savvy ideas for having a great time and spending next to nothing.

1. Visit a Museum or two.

Many museums offer free entry, charging fees for specific exhibitions or events. However, there's a lot to keep children (and adults) occupied without the fee paying events. Prepare a packed lunch or picnic cutting out the cost of dining out.

2. Visit a Shopping centre.

No, not for the shopping. Larger shopping centres often have half term events on. Some of these are free of charge. We recently saw Ben & Holly at a  shopping centre nearby, for free and were back home in time for lunch so spent nothing apart from the cost of petrol.

3. Visit your local park. 
The park is always a big hit in our family, and weather permitting, a picnic lunch follows on nicely. There's often a bit of bread left over for the ducks and bikes and scooters see some action.

4. Have a toy overhaul.
Spend sometime going though old toys, or as they are known in my household, clutter. Weed out and agree what can be given away to "other children who don't  have many toys". It is surprising how generous even young children can be if you explain the reason for giving with the above rationale. We took some old toys to a charity shop after an entire morning of examining, reminiscing, playing with and bagging old toys.

5. Have an Arts and Crafts day.

I often find the term "arts and crafts" a bit daunting as I imagine it means making amazing structures or knitting an entire blanket that an actual human could use. In reality, and certainly in my household ,it just means cutting pictures out of old magazines or catalogues (great for creating a Christmas wish list), practicing writing and drawing, and working on our home made rocket which happens to be Blue's half term homework. By the way I find a little classical music in the background gets the creative juices going and aids concentration.

What's on your list of low cost or free half term activities? 

Have you got any savvy half term tips to share?

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