Saturday, 6 December 2014

My Christmas Wish list

Every year, hubby attempts to be organised by asking me in November, what I'd like for Christmas. I always give the same response - "I'll think about it". Fast forward a few weeks and I'm still thinking about it. By now he's bought something and this year I'm really hoping it's one of the following;

1. Mac KeepSakes Smokey face palette.£42.00 from

2. No! No! Plus Hair Removal System - now let's be honest, if this really materialised from beneath the Primark wrapping paper, I think I might be a little offended. Nevertheless, it makes my wish list. £173.99 from Boots

3. Anthea Turners book - "How to be the Perfect Housewife".
I really really want this book, but perhaps not from my other half. Too close to home. I'll make this a present to myself from where used copies start at £0.01 but new copies a rather elusive and expensive. Expect to pay upwards of £20


4. Heeled Tan Ankle boots to pair with skinny jeans and just about anything. This pair from Dune would be great! Currently £77.00 (reduced from £129.00) from

5. Michael Kors Rose gold earrings. Who doesn't want a bit of bling at Christmas? These are priced at £79.00 at House of Fraser

6. A Sports watch 
The day I thought I lost my watch in the gym changing rooms I was overcome with guilt for being so careless. I realised then that I could really do with an everyday watch. One that I could wear for mum duty and the gym without worrying too much about scuffs and scrapes or even the loss thereof. So this is the one I'm dreaming of.

7. A robot vacuum cleaner - yes really! Those things are amazing. Their invention an indicator that we really have arrived in the future. However, I'd hate for anyone to think they were gifting me and not the household with this domestic godsend. This little beauty from Samsung is priced at £800

8. Converse tracksuit - as the winter months roll on I've been finding leggings a bit boring for post school run gym sessions. I like to have my gym kit on then go straight to the gym after I've done the school drop off, but I need an alternative to my running leggings. And these converse joggers from Next (£42.00) fit the bill quite nicely.


9. As for stocking fillers, Ed Sheeran's new album X or "Multiply" would really make my day! I could listen to Ed all day.

What's on your Christmas wish list?

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